Special Stain: PAS

PAS (periodic acid-Schiff) staining .This is really helpful.

This technique stained violet neutral mucosubstances; stained intestinal goblet cells used for example to highlight the intestinal metaplasia in Barrett’s esophagus (Fig. 1a).

It is also used to demostrate of mucin production by the tumor cells of epithelial neoplasia undifferentiated (not forming glands) could be typed as carcinoma such as in diffuse carcinoma cell ring gastric seal (Fig. 1b).

Also It is  useful to demostrate of glycogen (specifically when combined with a control with prior digestion with diastase histological sections); stains basement membranes; shows the most obvious way of fungi (Fig. 1c) and parasites; is used in the demonstration of basal membranes derived from material as in-adenoid cystic carcinoma or intracytoplasmic crystals, and alveolar soft part sarcoma, granular cell tumor.

Additionally demostrate various intracellular accumulations by genetic defects in metabolic diseases such as accumulations example alpha-1 antitrypsin in liver cells in disease deficit alpha 1 AT (Fig. 1d), although immunostaining, when available it is more sensitive and specific.