Casa Alvarez Sasolwax Plasticized Paraffin

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Product Description

Plastified paraffin in lentil shape for the processing and embedding of tissues in histopathology laboratories. Melting temperature of 56ºC.


The lentil-shaped production accelerates the change from solid to liquid state.

White and clean of waste, prevents the formation of sediments in the baths. It is virtually odorless. It contains the compound dimethyl sulfoxide DMSO.

Once the block is assembled with the sample, this paraffin facilitates the subsequent microtome slicing, largely avoiding that the slices or cut strips are attracted by static electricity.

Made in the German Fed. Rep. according to recommendations from the German Fed. Health Office (BGA Bundesgesundheitsamt).

Presentation: Box of 6 bags of 1 kg.


Reference: CA-14-5658