Prof. Ramon y Cajal with the microtome

His office with our slides filer


Casa Alvarez Scientific Material, established in 1912 by Mr. Manuel Álvarez Fernández, has a history of over a hundred years. After his passing, his four sons inherited the company, out of which Mr. Vicente and Mr. Manuel became the directors. Mr. Vicente’s retirement opened the way for Mr. Manuel’s sole direction. Nowadays, the company is in the hands of Mr. Alberto, the son of Mr. Manuel Álvarez Robledillo.

After more than a century in the areas of Histology, Pathology and Cytology we make a balance of the evolution of our company throughout this time.

Its beginning was based on the supplying of the well renowned Zeiss Microscopes to the universities. Later, the demand for other products increased, so we added new products to our sales catalogue under our own brand M. Álvarez, such as stoves, slides storage cabinets, manufacturing of glass articles like the blowing of flasks, test tubes, pipettes, etc.

The first firm we agreed to represent under contract was Ernst Leitz Wetzlar GmbH from Germany in 1922, acquired later by the Swiss company Wild Heerbrugg, AG. Representing these two firms widened very importantly the Microscope and Microtome markets in areas such as Hospitals, Universities, Research and Industry.

In 1983 we opened the Barcelona bureau for the Eastern zone.

In 1985 we started to represent the firm Feather Safety Razor Co, through their European representative Pfm Medical, AG., introducing into the market the renowned Microtome Feather Blades, widely used nowadays.

In 1987 we stopped representing the firm Wild-Leitz due to the opening of their own offices in Spain, and we incorporated new representations such as Vogel GmbH, Bright Instruments Co, Oxford Trade, Inoxfune, etc., with whom we have built, together with Feather and Pfm medical, well-stablished and very strong bonds of relationship.

In 2010 the Granada bureau for the Southern region was created.

In 2011 we launched our own brand “Casa Álvarez” for Histopathology and Cytology products.

In 2012 we signed and exclusivity agreement for Spain with the firm Medical Specialties MYR to distribute the MYR brand for Pathologic Anatomy and Cytology.

Due to the diverse market situations it has had to face, the company has learned to reinvent itself throughout the years, thanks to the enthusiasm end dedication of both owners and employees.

Though investment in innovation and technology we have been able to offer a wide variety of products and services, meeting the market expectations and fulfilling those from our clients day after day.

Our aim is to give the necessary and appropriate advice to each individual client to satisfy his needs and establish future commercial relations.

Mr. Manuel Álvarez Fernández (Founder)

Mr. Vicente Álvarez Robledillo

Mr. Manuel Álvarez Robledillo

Mr. Alberto Álvarez Fernández (Director)