For Casa Alvarez, safety comes first, we want to introduce Histoclear a xylene substitute. As you know xylene is a health hazard compound, so we offer a product that fulfills the same functions as xylene, but is not harmful to health.


New reactive clarifier which safely helps to obtain high quality cuttings. It is 100% GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) by the United States Food and Drug Administration.histoclear

Tissues with Histoclear are less hard and brittle than xylene, facilitating fine cuts and extending the life of the blade.

In the preparation and staining of the cuts Histoclear can be used as xylene substitute and / or toluene. When you use Histoclear, the tissue sample is not altered even in automatic processors and tissue dyers.

histomountOur product Histomount mounting media is recommended for use with Histoclear.




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