Carl Reichenbach discoverer of paraffin

Baron Carl Ludwig von Reichenbach (Stuttgart, February 12, 1788 – Leipzig, January 19, 1869) was a chemist, geologist, metallurgist, naturalist, industrialist, philosopher, and German botanist.
He earned his doctorate at the University of Tübingen. Between 1821-1834, he established the first modern forging company in Germany, first in Villingen-Schwenningen, then Hausach and finally in Baden. It also established a plant in Moravia.
He discovered several chemicals, such as paraffin in 1830 and creosote in 1833. Made the hypothesis Odic Force (Odin), which come from electricity, magnetism and heat. He spent the last years of his life to researching the existence of this primordial force or energy, which also came to be regarded as the origin of life, thus approaching the conceptions of vitalism.