CancerSEEK a blood test that is capable of detecting eight types of cancer

A team of scientists in the United States has developed a non-invasive blood test called CancerSEEK that can detect signs of eight types of cancer long before the symptoms of the disease appear, one of the great challenges of the investigation. All information on the study of this test has been published in the journal Science.

CancerSEEK represents the first non-invasive blood test, it is a simple blood test that can detect eight types of cancer: ovarian, liver, stomach, pancreas, esophagus, colon, lung and breast. According to the authors, these cancers are responsible for more than 60% of cancer deaths in the United States.

In addition, five of them (cancer of ovary, liver, stomach, pancreas and esophagus) currently do not have screening tests.

Its objective is to reduce the number of deaths caused by cancer and to detect when it is still possible to operate.

In the work carried out by the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine (USA), 1.005 patients were selected with the eight types of cancer mentioned and in addition blood was analyzed from 821 healthy patients.
CancerSEEK detected mutations in 16 genes associated with different types of cancer and identified the presence of a tumor in 70% of cases. Found 40% of breast cancers, but nevertheless more than 95% of ovary or liver. In addition, in 83% of patients, the test also provided information on the tissue of tumor origin, which would greatly facilitate the work.

Another of its advantages is that it has a low probability of false positives around 1%.

It is not yet tested, but the first results of the study are very positive and these results invite optimism.

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